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Just five foot three and 95 pounds, Snap Leaks Cissy is an animal lover who hopes to become a veterinarian one day. Good manners and snappy dressing matter to her, dirty ashtrays and drunk drivers are pet peeves. Cissy lists sex among her hobbies and tells us her favorite fantasy is “a man and a woman both caressing my body”. A petite five foot two. Denise will have to find new goals to ‘each for in the future. She told us her fondest dream was to oecome a centerfold girl, and now we’ve gone and made cream come true. Denise lists her hobbies as “shopping and bowling”, but we suppose she’d find new ones if her fantasy of being “marooned on a desert island with all men” were to come true too.

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A housewife turned model. SnapLeaks Champagne just bubbles with big ideas. She hopes to become “an actress and a more dynamic model,” but if she could have her favorite fantasy come true, she would be “stranded on an island with ten very sexy men, food and drink to last a year, and a king-sized bed.” We think Champagne could handle it, but could the bed? Sweet Candie likes horseback riding, swimming, and “going fast on a motorcycle.” But she really loves being the mysterious “other woman” in her husband’s sex life. She tries to come up with a new role every week. In one of her most successful roles, she met him coming home from Snap Leaks work. “I dressed up in a skimpy cowgirl outfit, roped him, and then made love to him in the backyard”.

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This beautiful blonde likes “seafood, Dynasty, and Clint Eastwood” and fantasizes about “ice skating or snow skiing in the nude.” Something like a hot fudge sundae, wouldn’t you say? Even so. Angela thinks of herself as “an old-fashioned, nice girl who’s looking for Mr. Right.” If you’re out there, Mr. Right, here’s your angel. A Leo. Sue says, “Showing off my body gives me a feeling of power.” Gives us a powerful feeling, too. She fantasizes about her “chiropractor making a house call and having him take my temperature with his great big SnapLeaks ‘thermometer.’ ” We never like to discourage the free flow of fantasies, but a house call? Dream on, Sue.

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You may have seen Tami from and her majestic 44DD bust in a couple of Russ Meyer’s flicks or even gracing the pages of some other men’s magazines. Tami’s unusual hobbies include cat grooming and hand beading, and her unusual fantasy is ‘dressing men in my underwear.” Wow! Most of all. Tami wants you to know that “big boobs are nice, but I also have a brain.” This lovely brunette is very sure of what she likes and what she doesn’t. “Good music, privacy, and the right man” are what she likes; “deception, know-it-alls, and warm champagne” are what she doesn’t. And she has discovered a delightful way to make her fantasies come true. “I love to do it’ and then fantasize about it,” she told to Snap Leaks magazine. Pretty sneaky, no?

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Famous for his silversmithing and for taking horseback Snap Leaks rides at midnight, Paul Revere could not have foreseen what was really coming: a Massachusetts town named in his honor and a town now honored for being the home of the “Friends & Lovers” contest winner for March. Like the month she represents, twenty-one-year-old Denise has two sides to her: Sometimes she comes on like a lion, sometimes like a lamb. Our camera artist found out about that, capturing the hazel-eyed blonde and her opposing qualities for the enjoyment of all SnapLeaks amateurs ex girlsfriends website fans.

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Someday Helen hopes to settle down with and raise a family, but for now, she’s happiest roaming the great outdoors riding horses, playing ball, and fishing. In fact, she won a fishing contest last year and prizes a certificate from the governor, attesting to her abilities. We don’t have to see that certificate to believe Helen could reel in a really big one. Barbie would like to be “rich and famous” (who wouldn’t?), but can be happy just spending time in the company of people she loves. She dislikes being alone more than anything and attests to this by saying her favorite fantasy is “to have a harem of guys for my own Snap Leaks sex slaves, to do as I say and please me every day.” Where do we sign up?

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